How does it work?


Pick the Signs and Toppers you would like to order. You can choose from

  • Storks (Pink or Blue)
  • Star Signs
  • Dog Bones
  • Cat Signs


Be ready with relevant information. We will need the delivery address along with your customized information:


Fill out the form here, call us, text us at 951-757-2400 or send us an email at hello@thestorkmamasigns.com

  • We accept all payments before installation.
  • There is an extra delivery fee if the rental is over 10 miles from our base address
  • See Pricing here

Q: Do I need to have a lawn for the stork sign installation?

Yes, we install our signs only on traditional lawns preferably on the front yard with topsoil or grass. We cannot install on areas with rocks,  pea gravel, concrete, mulch, flower beds, raised beds, garden pots, thick landscaping, or hard-packed soil used as a driveway. Also, we cannot install our signs in non-residential areas or in front of structures owned by the city, county, or state.

We will not place signs in front of the county or state-owned public utility boxes, water mains, or other structures. We cannot block access to these areas or we may be penalized and/or our yard signs destroyed for blocking these areas.

Q: How early should I reserve a stork?

Please feel free to reserve a stork at your earliest convenience. The sooner the better for availability in all circumstances! For rush delivery, please contact us to see if we have availability and note that a $25 fee will be added for rush delivery.

Q: How much are sibling/message stars/dog bones and cat signs?

$25 each. These signs are personalized and left behind as keepsakes for the family to enjoy.

Q: What service do you offer for twins, triplets, and quadruplets?

Yes, we do. We usually install a separate sign for each new baby. 

Q: What is your refund policy?

You will receive a full refund if any of the following conditions apply: 

  1. You cancel the stork or birthday sign rental at least 48 hours in advance; 
  2. Extreme weather prevents us from delivering and installing your sign. 

You will not receive a refund if any of the following conditions apply: 

  • We cannot access the closed community because we were not provided with an access code or it does not work. 
  • The security guard at the entrance refuses to let us in
  • Neither the landlord nor the tenant will allow us to post the sign or calls us to remove the sign 
  • A pet threatens us 
  • The property doesn’t have a traditional lawn.  

Q: What is your service area? Do you install yard stork signs on commercial properties?

We serve Murrieta, Temecula, Lake Elsinore, Winchester, Menifee, Hemet, Canyon Lake, Fallbrook & Wildomar, Temescal Valley, Corona, Perris

We do not install signs for display in commercial apartment complexes, condos, or commercial buildings. We deliver our yard signs to townhouses even if it has a small lawn or yard for homeowners or tenants to use. We provide signs on all residential lawns.

Q: How long can I rent the Stork Sign for?

The rental period for the yard signs is one week. For example, if we install the sign on a Monday, we will pick up the sign the following Monday. We leave behind the bundle, star signs, or pet signs as keepsakes.

Q: How much does the birth announcement yard sign cost? Will there be a delivery fee?

A Birth announcement stork sign can be rented for $100. It includes delivery, installation, and pickup. The delivery rates apply beyond 10 miles from us base address. See Pricing and Delivery Rates here

Q: What Signs do you offer for proud grandparents?

When a new baby is born, besides the parents, the grandparents are also filled to the brim with joy and excitement. They cannot wait to hold their new grandson or granddaughter in their arms and announce to the world that they have been promoted to being a grandparent. Our large stork yard sign rental provides the proud grandparents with an extraordinary way to announce that their new grandbaby has arrived. Proud grandparents can order their very own Stork Sign for ‘New Baby Girl or Boy’ Birth Announcement  

Q: Where will you install the new baby sign in the yard?

We try to pick the locations that offer the best visibility and photos. If you have a location in mind where you want us to install, please let us know in advance. Sometimes automatic lawn sprinkler system, tree roots, or landscaping doesn’t allow us to set it up at the spot of your choice. In these circumstances, we will use our best judgment and see what works well.

Q: How do I place my order? How do I pay for your service?

We take most orders by phone at  951.757.2400. If you prefer you may contact us via email at hello@thestorkmamasigns.com. We’re just like the florist. We accept Venmo, Zelle or cash. Orders must be paid in advance.